Class Teacher Boards

We always believed in boosting communication and building community through SmartClass.

Building a communication tool with variety of users types were no easy task. In our latest Class Teacher Boards, you will have perfect understanding why have done it. 

When a board is created, you can filter out your classrooms, students and categories from the right side marked with orange color. This will allow to teacher to reach the right assigned students easily and more efficiently.

Add Class Teachers Board

To start giving comments on students under different categories, first we need to create the board we would like to work on. SmartClass, will automatically bring the student data.

Start by clicking the green button on the right upper corner named : +Add Class Teacher Board

After adding the title for your board, you have to select the Start - End Times for the board to remain active for. The calendar option will automatically pop up for the dates to be selected.

After title and dates, choose active or inactive to keep your board going live immediately to your students and parents. 

Click save to create your Board.

Add Comments

After creating the board for your classroom, click on the three lines on the right side to open the comment, decision and deactivation menu.

Click on Add Comment, and fill in the blanks. 

You can make your comments to whole class by selecting General under Students menu and change visibility options for Parents and Student by sliding cursors on top of the page.

You can also add documents, images and different fonts to your comments from the text box. 

When done, click Save to publish your comment and it will be moved to Comments section below.


To add a decision, click decision which is located below Add Comment section. 

Type in your decision, choose visibility options and choose the student you are leaving the decision for.

Click Save when done.

SmartClass will automatically notify the student and parent according to the visibility options you have opted in for.

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