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With moving to SmartClass cloud, we can run our school operations much more efficiently than before. Plus, we ensure our parents and teacher that their data is securely backed and protected by industry leaders, which also helped us cut cybersecurity costs.

Burak Gencay
Head of Information Technologies at SEV American Schools

We just started to be able to keep all data that we have to in a very healthy way by using SmartClass and handle them too easily with a very friendly user interface whenever we need to access. Very satisfied using such an integrated system.

Ali Kemal Ayen
Principle at Bilisim Colleges

Working together is better

Our modules allow schools to operate more reliable, flexible, and scalable. They help improve communication among all departments in the school and so quality of education.

We waited until we could do it right. Then we did! You will see everything at best.


Monthly Package


/ student / month

40+ modules
Single Campus
3 hours online admin training


Monthly Package


/ student / month

60+ modules
Multi-campus support
3 hours online admin training
3 hours on-premise user training
Ticket support
E-mail support


Monthly Package


/ student / month

100+ modules
Multi-campus support
3 hours on-premise admin training
3 hours on-premise user training
Ticket support
E-mail support
Phone call support

SmartClass Schools

More than 350 schools using SmartClass to achieve higher quality of education.

Viking International School
Ihsan International School
Uskudar American Academy
Mektebim Schools
American Collegiate Institute
Ielev Schools
BJK Kabataş Vakfı Okulları
The Hebrew Academy
Tarsus American College
AIU International School
SEV American College
SEV İzmir Schools
Palet Schools
İzmir SEV Schools
Buranakarn Suksa Witya School
Uskudar SEV Schools
Gaziantep Kolej Vakfı
Bilisim College
Inci College
Kalev Schools
Koray Varol Akademi
Maya Schools
Liv Schools
İrfan Schools

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